Title: Blog Assisted Language Learning (BALL): Push button publishing for the pupils
Author: Jason M. Ward, American University Sharjah
Source: TEFL Web Journal Vol 3 No 1 2004 1

  • 真实观众
  • the [online] audience is not only anticipated but expected, and thus influences and structures the very manner in which the writer articulates,composes, and distributes the self-document”

  • 真实交谈内容
  • Weblogs are both monologues and dialogues and therefore can benefit from the advantages of both forms and they also intersect e-mail, discussion forums, instant messaging and conventional electronic publishing, they are continuous in the sense that they are not result oriented but process oriented.

  • 过程驱动的写作
  • combine the best elements of portfolio-driven courses where student work is collected, edited, and assessed, with the immediacy of publishing for a virtual audience

  • 同伴互评
  • Blogs can bring a collective intelligence to bear on a question

  • 解除压抑
  • People behave differently when communicating online compared to a face-to-face situation.

  • 阅读内容和阅读策略
  • cover range of current topics is available for free online.
    develops effective lateral skimming and scanning skills through regular use of this medium.

  • 积极阅读
  • 不可靠
  • Blog的潜在缺点:肤浅、不规范、网络礼节、安全


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