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British police have increased their patrols in downtown London where two cars loaded with potentially explosive materials were found Friday. Meanwhile, investigators are examining images from security cameras in central London where two unexploded car bombs were found Friday. Charles Hubert is a London based terrorist analyst. “It will be a really gifted investigators. On top of that of course this area of London is such lighted with a consecrate television cover it.” The detectors are trying to identify the people who drove the cars into London and left them in the busy entertainment district. The head of London’s antiterrorist police Peter Clark said the first car bomb was found outside a crowded nightclub where a blast could have resulted in main fatalities and injuries. A second vehicle was parked illegally not far from the first car. Clark says the two incidents are clearly linked. “Those are considerable amount of fuel and gas canisters. As in the first vehicle there was also substantial constituted nails. This like the first device what is potentially in vivo.” Britain’s new Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Britain faces a serious and continuous security threat while Home Secretary Jacqui Smith urged citizens to be alert and vigilant.

The US military in Iraq says its troops killed 26 insurgents and detained 17 others in two predawn raids in a Shiite stronghold of Sadr City in Baghdad. The US military statement today says the militants were believed to have ties to Iranian terror networks responsible for a filing gleeful aid into Iraq. It says US soldiers faced significant resistance during the raids including roadside bomb attack as well as fire from rocket-propelled grenades and light weapons.

The US Supreme Court has reversed itself and agreed to hear appeals of detainees held at the US facility of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. VOA’s Gary Thomas reports.

On the last day of its current session, the Supreme Court changed its mind about two cases involving detainees in government custody. After denying earlier appeals by the Guantanamo detainees in April, the court said it would hear arguments in its next term about whether inmates whom the government deems to be enemy combatants had the right to challenge their detention in any US court. E. Freedman, a law Professor of H. University, and a legal advisor for the detainees says the turnabout is a major victory for the Guantanamo inmates. “It’s a buglet for the detainees’ now serious, serious setback for the government’s effort.” The National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe said the Bush administration does not believe any legal review of its detainee procedures is necessary, but added that it is confident about its legal position. But even conservative legal scholars say the court decision to take the cases does not bold well for the administration’s detainee policies. Gary Thomas, VOA News, Washington.

Chinese President Hu Jintao is expected to face fresh calls for democracy in Hong Kong as the former British colony marks the 10th anniversary of its return to Chinese rule. Security was heavy Friday as Mr. Hu arrived in Hong Kong for his first visit to the territory since becoming China’s leader.

In other news, the people of East Timor are voting for a new parliament. VOA’s Nancy M. reports from Dili.

East Timorese voted Saturday for a new parliament in an election that shaped up to be a fight between the ruling F. Party and the new S. Party led by former President Xanana Gusmao. Former Prime Minister, a newly elected President José Ramos-Horta, says what is most important for the nation is a peaceful election. “Which have marked the wings who will be groovy for Timor if peaceful and avoided what exceptive reality of the nation.” East Timor was wrecked by violence last year after fighting between security forces to generate and to gain warfare that forced the third of residents in Dili into makeshift refugee camps. An Australian-led international peacekeeping force that spanning the country since the government requested to top to quell last year’s violence is helping to keep order during the election period. Nancy M, VOA News, Dili, East Timor.

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Last week, I explained some English expressions about cloth. Everything like told was true, I did not talk through my hat or say something without knowing the facts. Everyone knows there are many English expressions about cloth. There is no need to keep it secret or keep it under your hat.

In fact, if I keep talking sooner enough, you will stop to I am an old heart about this, a real expert. Do not be fool though, my friends sometimes call me a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is some who acts as a good person, but he’s really a bad person. I’m not really a bad person, but I do love cloth it is always fun to dress stop/up, I look great in my best cloth. When I put them on I feel xxx/decked out. You might say when I dress my best cloth I am dressed to the ninth or dressed to the teeth. In fact, my husband says I looked dress to kill, of course I would never kill anyone, but there is something special about putting on clothing that are pleasing to guy.

My best cloths are modern or fashionable, may be someday they will come into fashion, but I really do not care. They certainly better on me than my birthday suit. Did you know that everyone has a birthday suit, you xx when you are wearing no cloth at all. Baby are born wearing their birthday suits. I am very careful with my cloth. I handle them with keep cloth. I try not to get them dirty or torn. Most of my cloth fit like a grofe/glove, they fit perfectly. But when I eat too much, I feel like my clothes xxx/ might burst at the seams, my cloth feel too restrictive and tight. Some of the cloths I like best are xxx. My older sister gave it to me when she no longer want them. Hand-me-downs are great because the cloth often costs too much money.

I live on the xx/shoestring, I have a very small budget and little money to spend on the cloth. However my sister has a lot of money to spend on cloth. Maybe someday the shoe will be on the other foot. The xx/opposite will be true. I will have a lot of money to buy cloth. And my sister will get handle me dance from me. I admit I dream of being rich. I dream that someday I will be able to live like a rich person. I will know what it is like to walk in another person’s shoes. Some of my friends got rich by writing some of else cold tales. They are successful today as a result of someone else being successful. But I believe you should never xx/criticize others for something you will do yourself. What is set to someone else can also be set about you. Remember if the shoe fits, wear it.




A student at Xinjiang normal University in China has a question for our foreign student’s series. Xx wants to go overseas after graduation and would like some information about Washington University.

Washington University in xxx/Saint Louis is a media/medium science/sized school in the mid-west. It has almost 11,000 students. Twelve percent this last school year were international students, mostly graduate students. The university has schools for law, medicine and social wart. It also has a business school, a school of design and visual arts and a school of engineering and plaid science. But more than 17% of courses are touch in arts and science programs.

The new school year that begin this fall will cost 52,000 dollars for undergraduates. That includes 12 months of living in expensive as mated 17,000 dollars.

Graduations/Graduate tuition differs by programs, xxx/Tuition for the mater of social work of program, for example, will cost 27,000 in the coming year. The master of business administration program will cost 38,000 dollars. The university offer financial assistance to international students including first year’s students but says its resources are limited. Scholarships are available. The university also offers a monthly payment plan to spread out the cost of toation/tuitions. And it offers loan programs.

International students in the United States generally cannot receive fadulous/federal students blown/loans. But they may be able to take private loans and many American students do. The students loan industry is in the news right now, investigation are looking at question of dealing between colleges and lenders.

Washington University in xx/Saint Louis was enlian/Eliot Seminary opened in 1853. Later the name was changed to honor the first American president George Washington. But other school shared the name Washington including the University of Washington and George Washington of University. So in1976, Washington University added the words in xx/Saint Louis to its name.




A veryin/Ovarian cancer is known as silent killer, because it is usually used/discovered to save a woman’s life. But three cancer groups in United States have now agreed on a list of possible early signs the disease. The statement is the first of kind recognized a veryin/Ovarian cancer survivors have long believed that a common symptom.

 Researchers have found these symptoms are likely to happen in women with a veryin/Ovarian cancer than women in general. One symptom is blowting/bloating or expansion of the abtemen/abdomen area. Pain in the xx/abdomen or pallis/pelvis can be another symptom. Also researchers say women with stage of veryin/Ovarian cancer may often or with greater urgency. And the statement says another common symptom is difficult eating or feeling fall in quickly. Women have this symptom may always weeks or advises to see colleges or other doctor. The cancer can affect one or both xxx/ovaries, the organs that produce eggs.

Doctors say that the main ways to find the diseases early are recognized in the symptoms and getting a combination xxx/pelvic and xx/rectal the examination. Of the/Ovarian cancers kills more than 100,000 women around the world each year. In the United States, the xx/Ovarian cancer is the fifth leading causes of cancer deaths in women. Cancer experts predict that at least 15,000 women will die of it this year. And more than 22,000 new cases will be found.

The xx/Gynecologic Cancer Foundation led the effort for the agreement on common symptoms. The American cancer society and the society of xxx logic on colleges are also involved. And a number of other cancer groups have expressed support for the statement. Doctor xxx/Barbara Golf at the University of xxx was a lead in studies that gives support to the new list. She says most of the time, a woman with these symptoms will not have a veryin/Ovarian cancer. But the disease can spread very quickly nearby the organs. A few months can be life or death. Doctor xx/Golf notes that the disease is 19% curable when found in its earliest form.



Sing and the song writer Adrienne Young, brings together music and agriculture activism.

She even included seeds and albon/album cover of her first CD. Adrienne Young know that she supports the movement in American to increase local farming. She offer information about agriculture issue on her website and part of the money from her third and newest release Room to grow will be donate to help support community gardens.

Adrienne Young’s family lived in Florida for seven generations, her elder sisters help develop the agriculture industry there. The state of Florida is the nation’s second largest producer of fruits and vegetable after California. Adrienne Young has said that her interest in nature was shipped/shapped by the fact that she did not grow up on the farm. She grew up in the house her grandfather built on what he being the farmland two generations ago. But the land was developed and now partly a large high way.

Adrienne Young has two organizations that support local farming and gardening efforts. One is the American community gardening association, the other is food roots, a group she has represent for several years. Food Roots says buying locally growing food is not only about taste and freshness. The group says buying locally also helps to strengthen local aconomys/economies and protect the environment.

Experts say food in the United States travels an average more than 3,000 kilometers from farm to store. We live you with Adriene the title song of her new CD Room to Grow.



The United States has accused several of its Arab allies of being among the worst offenders of human trafficking. The State Department last week released its Trafficking in Persons Report for 2007. The report rates efforts by 164 countries and territories to end modern-day slavery. It lists Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar among 16 countries with the worst records up from 12 last year.

It also names Algeria, Equatorial Guinea and Malaysia. And listed again this year are Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Burma, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. Zimbabwe, Belize and Laos were listed among the worst offenders in last year’s report, but are now in the second tier group.

Countries in the second tier do not fully meet the requirements but are working to improve. Countries are divided into three groups or tiers based on how well they meet the requirements of the trafficking victims protection act.

The United States Congress passed this law in 2000. Countries in tier three face possible cuts in American assistance. But officials say the goal of the report is not to punish.

The reports are based on information from American diplomats, non-governmental organizations and other groups. The United States estimates that about 800,000 people are forced across international borders each year. It says up to 17,000 are believed to enter this country.

The great majority of victims are female and as many as half are children and teenagers. Thirty-two nations are on a watch list in this year’s report. The list is supposed to be a warning. Armenia, China and South Africa are on it for the third year in a row. India, Mexico and Russia are listed for the fourth year.

In fact, State Department official Mark Lagon said the world’s largest democracy has the world’s largest problem of human trafficking. He said India has hundreds of thousands of sex trafficking victims and millions of bonded laborers. These include forced child laborers. The report came out last Tuesday, which was World Day against Child Labor.

Estimates are that more than 200 million children worldwide are forced to work mostly on farms. The United Nations is calling for an end to the worst forms of child labor by 2016.

And that’s the VOA Special English Development Report, written by Jill Moss. I’m Steve Ember.